The production company of the Everything Everywhere All at Once, A24, is working on a new film; pop melodrama.

23-03-2023 Mihaela Crnko

The precious that will keep you indoors with hot chocolate and soft blanket.

07-02-2023 Vanja Gredelj

While we are waiting for the second episode tonight, check out our initial thoughts regarding the show!

07-02-2023 Vanja Šunjić

NEM Zagreb 2022 officially announced the finalists of the competition for the best screenplay writing and revealed what to expect from the central part of the program

18-01-2023 Mihaela Crnko

The focuses of Day 1 were the Golden Age of coproduction and original content, and presentation of new ideas

18-01-2023 Mihaela Crnko

NEM winners of the Writing Contest

18-01-2023 Mihaela Crnko

NEM winners of the Writing Contest

09-01-2023 Duart News

NEM Zagreb 2022 unveiled the full event program

15-12-2022 Sanja Drakulic

In the first episode, we meet Nuštin, his dynamics, or rather statics, factory and local legends

14-03-2022 Vanja Šunjić

Tonight, HRT 3 broadcasts Ivan Ramljak's film Kino otok

16-02-2022 Vanja Šunjić

The creator of Chewing Gum wrote, co-directed and stars in this modern, surprising and difficult story of consent.

20-12-2021 Lana Mihailović

When reality and imagination overlap to an incredible extent

28-10-2020 Momir Rajšić

Westworld star, Ingrid Bolso Berdal in a tense Norwegian thriller series

12-09-2020 Momir Rajšić

An unusual mixture of teen drama and thriller at Apple TV +

04-08-2020 Momir Rajšić