6 Christmas movies you missed last year

In addition to Christmas decorations and songs, there are also Christmas movies

Christmas hits come from the speakers that surround us, and Christmas movies are an increasingly common choice, both for television editors and film fans who like to spend winter evenings with a tense, adrenaline-pumping, or "light", relaxing movie. However, many prefer Christmas classics such as Home Alone 1 and 2, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Love Actually...


That's why we suggest that you start your preparations for Christmas with movies that you've seen only once, or never at all.


6. A Christmas Story Christmas


The sequel to A Christmas Story from 1983, just like the original film, perfectly captures the warmth and beauty of the holidays. The action of the film takes place 33 years after the action of the first film, that is, in 1973.


Ralphie Parker has grown up and welcomes Christmas in a completely different role - that of a parent. He, along with his family, returns home to Cleveland to try to create the holiday atmosphere he remembers from his childhood. And everyone who watched the movie remembers it, in which a 9-year-old boy really wants to get a rifle for Christmas, but everyone around him, including Santa Claus, thinks it's not the best Christmas present.


There is no doubt that this film takes us on a nostalgic journey, but it also awakens the holiday spirit. What certainly contributes to that experience is the fact that a good part of the cast of the original film reprized their roles in the sequel, and it creates the impression that we are meeting old friends for the holidays.


So, Ralph is played by the now grown up Peter Billingsley, and we see Ian Petrella again as Ralphi's brother Randy Parker. His film friends from childhood Scott Schwartz and R.D. Robb reprized their roles, as well as enemies, that is, those who bothered him, so Zack Ward plays Scut Farkus again.



5. Violent Night


For those looking for films like Die Hard at Christmas time, there's Violent Night from director Tommy Wirkola and screenwriters Pat Casey and Josh Miller.


The main role is played by David Harbour. In this action comedy, which is a combination of the fierce action we see in John Wick movies and traditional Christmas stories, Harbor plays an aggressive Santa Claus who saves a family held hostage by a group of mercenaries. Despite this, the film is, just as the genre suggests, entertaining, and the American-Colombian actor John Leguizamo in the role of the villain greatly contributes to that general impression.



4. Spirited


Last year's movie Spirited, starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds, can serve as a "warm-up" for the unavoidable Christmas movie Elf. It is a musical comedy directed by Sean Anders, who, in tandem with John Morris, wrote the screenplay and produced the film, which is a modern version of Charles Dickens' novel from 1843, "A Christmas Story".


This film also brings a series of Christmas songs without which the holidays are unimaginable. So, great actors, Christmas music and choreography are the best recommendations for watching this movie. Read the full list at

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