'I don't have a magic formula, but I know that everything I've done so far has been open-hearted, sincere and honest with myself and colleagues.'

16-02-2020 Arman Fatić

Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer in an eight-part drama series by Apple+

16-02-2020 Momir Rajšić

The Bay is the production of ITV Network Television

16-02-2020 Momir Rajšić

The third season of the popular series has been delayed until further notice

04-02-2020 Momir Rajšić

And it is, as usual, just like a telenovela

04-02-2020 Petra Babić

A comedy from which HBO expects the level of rating achieved by Veep

30-01-2020 Momir Rajšić

Will Facebook Watch order the second season of Limetown?

24-01-2020 Momir Rajšić

Seems unlikely, as the show's creator decides he doesn't want further involvement.

24-01-2020 Lana Mihailović

Netflix released a music video trailer for the third season.

23-01-2020 Lana Mihailović

A review of Netflix's 2020 debut

23-01-2020 Vanja Gredelj

Another screenplay of Stephen King

23-01-2020 Momir Rajšić

The upcoming HBO Max series launched a nation-wide talent search

17-01-2020 Sanja Drakulic

Lizzie Caplan is great in the role of psychopathic Annie Wilkes.

23-12-2019 Momir Rajšić

An Oscar announcement

20-12-2019 Momir Rajšić

Netflix smashed everything for the Christmas holidays!

20-12-2019 Momir Rajšić