Bianca Lucas’ feature debut Love Dog explores the journey through the five stages of grief with a tenderly realistic approach

14-11-2022 Duart News

The moved audience gave a standing ovation to the world premiere of the film The Happiest Man in the World at the Venice International Film Festival

14-11-2022 Arman Fatić

The whole movie will be entirely shot in Croatia, which is a great thing for Croatian film industry

27-10-2022 Sanja Drakulic

Guadagnino serves a masterful full-course cinematic coming-of-age meets 80's horror flick dinner

27-10-2022 Arman Fatić

Miller brings his gloriously colorful adaptation of cliche twisting orientaly intertwined short story "The Djinn in the Nightingale’s Eye".

25-10-2022 Arman Fatić

Ruben Östlund is back with another one of a kind beat-the-reach critical societal comedy/farce

07-09-2022 Arman Fatić

The lastest meta-art-zombie flick by Michel Hazanavicius opened up 75th edition of Cannes Film Festival

07-09-2022 Arman Fatić

How often do we see these days sequel of the 80's classics that deserves a sequel and gets one that fully delivers. Almost never. Yet, there is Top Gun: Maverick

07-09-2022 Arman Fatić

Working Class Heroes shows us the death of socialist values in South-East European society, but also around the world.

06-09-2022 Vanja Šunjić

This is a story about the emergence and breakup of the working class, which is moving from the proletariat to nationalism and racism

06-09-2022 Vanja Šunjić

Written by: Alexander Gabelia

27-08-2022 Duart News

This years CPH:DOX winner brings a history of a family, society and war between the two solar eclipses

21-05-2022 Vanja Šunjić

But all birthday photos are the same

21-05-2022 Vanja Šunjić

Short films, short reviews by Pravo Ljudski Film Festival "How to Think Film" young critics

20-05-2022 Duart News

Where to start with films from Yugoslav region made in past two decades

19-05-2022 Arman Fatić