If you build trust and awareness that advice comes from the place of love, care and tenderness, that kind of togetherness can be unstoppable, seductive and nothing can stand in its way.

22-05-2023 Duart News

Will Sarajevo Film Festival remain the same?

07-02-2023 Sanja Drakulic

The national premiere will certainly take place next year at the Pula Film Festival!

01-04-2022 Vanja Šunjić

The award was given by Eurimages on February 2, and is intended for the development of co-production projects and amounts to 20,000 euros.

14-02-2022 Duart News

Croatian films have recently received international awards, we have great producers, great directors, great actors

13-02-2022 Vanja Šunjić

ESCAPE FROM MOGADISHU Finally in Italy, on the big screen of FEFF 24!

11-02-2022 Duart News

The programme is organized in three working modules in Budapest, Sofia and Sarajevo

08-02-2022 Duart News

Primarily a project by actress Anja Matković Prije ljeta got support from Nikola Kuprešanin, Propeler Film and Danis Tanović

01-02-2022 Duart News

Huppert is more than a celebrated actor — she is an uncompromising artist who doesn’t hesitate to take risks and flout mainstream trends

20-01-2022 Duart News

Star cast, overexaggerated aesthetics and multiple narrative quirky stories meet again!

05-01-2022 Arman Fatić

Srđan Kovačević documents the decaying life of the factory

05-01-2022 Vanja Šunjić

Endorphin Film Sales announced this week at the Thessaloniki Film Festival.

17-12-2021 Duart News

Puffins Impossible is on the way!

06-12-2021 Duart News

Is Youtube short still a video or rather a film?

15-11-2021 Tettyo Saito