Lizzie Caplan is great in the role of psychopathic Annie Wilkes.

23-12-2019 Momir Rajšić

An Oscar announcement

20-12-2019 Momir Rajšić

Netflix smashed everything for the Christmas holidays!

20-12-2019 Momir Rajšić

Meet Ivona, the winner of Duart's Monologue Contest!

20-12-2019 -

An overview of some of the most intriguing crime dramas

20-12-2019 Vanja Gredelj

Day 3 and final day at NEM Zagreb 2019 content creation conference was at capacity as the conference was gearing towards the end.

20-12-2019 -

Day 2 at NEM Zagreb 2019 content creation conference was in full swing at the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel as more guests and visitors poured in.

20-12-2019 -

Day 1 at NEM Zagreb 2019 content creation conference kicked off at the beautiful Esplanade Zagreb Hotel yesterday and was in attendance by Europe's top-level producers and content creators.

16-12-2019 -

Ian Somerhalder in the vampire saga again!

12-12-2019 Momir Rajšić

Norway hit series on Pick-Box.

09-12-2019 Momir Rajšić

The third season of the Romanian thriller series.

09-12-2019 Momir Rajšić

British crime drama McMafia, produced by BBC, has won the Drama Series Prize at 47th edition of International Emmy Awards. The ceremony took place in New York on Monday, November 25th, 2019.

09-12-2019 -

Murders and intrigues on a luxury cruiser... Sounds interesting!

09-12-2019 Momir Rajšić

Apple+ released a new hit serie!

09-12-2019 Momir Rajšić

A Netflix's serie who'll smash your brain.

02-12-2019 Vanja Gredelj