The Kerempuh Satirical Theater opens its doors on May 27 by performing the cult “Gruntovčani”

The play, directed by Boris Svrtan and Rajko Minković, premiered in early March, just before the pandemic.

After a two-month break caused by the coronavirus, the Kerempuh Satirical Theater is happy to open its doors to spectators on Wednesday, May 27 with the performance of its new play Gruntovčani, which is scheduled for May 28 and 29 and June 2 and 3.


The play, directed by Boris Svrtan and Rajko Minković, premiered in early March, just before the pandemic, which is why a dozen upcoming sold-out performances had to be cancelled. Therefore, the news of the return of "Gruntovčani" to the Kerempuh stage stimulated an avalanche of enthusiasm of the impatient audience on the theatre's social networks.


The popular and favourite drama series "Gruntovčani" by Mladen Kerstner, directed by Krešo Golik, introduced numerous television viewers to a vivid, authentic and witty portrayal of the social life and mentality of the "little man" in a fictional Podravina village. In this story that is happening today, in the 21st century, we find famous and unforgettable characters from Kerstner's masterpiece - Dudek, Regica, Presvetlog, Cinober, Martin, Matula, Babica, Besnogo, Gretica and others - and they all find themselves facing the great challenges of the new age. With their humour, the "Gruntovčani" touch on existential problems and human virtues and flaws, reviving their characters with a recognizable melodic Kajkavian dialect.


The play stars: Matija Šakoronja, Mirela Videk Hranjec, Hrvoje Kečkeš, Boris Svrtan, Filip Detelić / Borko Perić, Ivica Zadro, Nina Erak Svrtan, Anita Matić Delić, Luka Petrušić, Ines Bojanić, Maja Posavec, Ornela Vištica, Josip Brakus and Karlo Miller.


All theatre programs will be held by the recommendations of the National Staff, with all precautions taken and the adjusted capacity of the audience.


In parallel with the preparations for returning to the stage, "Kerempuh" is completing the second cycle of online screenings of popular plays on its YouTube channel and portal Jutarnji list, which will conclude on Saturday, May 23 with the play "Don't play English" directed by Vladimir Đurđević. Vinko Brešan and Željka Udovičić Pleština. The play stars Hrvoje Kečkeš, Borko Perić and Tarik Filipović.

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