October in Zagreb Dance Center

Dance for everyone not just us

The October program of the Zagreb Dance Centre continues the exciting dynamics of the new dance season with a rerun, premiere, festival and guest program marked with inclusiveness and a focus on performance, participatory and body as the subject/object of dance and movement.


Reruns of the play MEDUZA, by Zrinka Lukčec Kiko, on October 3rd and 4th, begin a monthly program dedicated to the body. "Both before and after her death, Medusa is a woman without a body, and her head, disgraced, will function as a weapon to various Greek heroes who petrify everything in front of her. In fact, Medusa is a mythological place where contemporary forces of identity, loneliness, the right to one's own body and injustices without guilt overlap. In fact, the term jellyfish refers to all stingrays at the stage of development called free swimming," explains the author and founder of the art organization Plešimedo.


This is followed by reruns of translations choreographed by Naomi Brant, produced by TSP/ Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance. It is a play that is fully adapted for blind and visually impaired people. TRANSLATIONS is experienced through the sound of movement, the feeling of air movement and images created in the imagination through the descriptions of movements. The play explores the different methods and tools of the dance description and was created specifically for the "non-visual senses". Performances are planned for Friday, October 6 at 8 p.m., and Saturday, October 7, at 4 p.m., 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.


This year Again, ZPC will host a part of the SOUNDED BODIES festival program organized by the Domino Association, more precisely the premiere performance of the play FAILURE, directed by Gonzalo Quintano. The premiere of the play, co-produced by the organizers, Primavera dei Teatri and FIBA, will be presented on October 10, starting at 8 pm.


On Friday and Saturday, October 13 and 14, the audience will have the opportunity to see a new, premiere performance produced and performed by the Studio for Contemporary Dance, ŽAR PTICA. Choreography is by Sergiu Matis.


AGENDA by Saša Božić and Somone Aughterlony_a, in coproduction with de facto, TSP / HIPP & ZPC, the audience will have the opportunity to see on the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st October, starting at 8 pm.


The last week of October will be particularly dynamic – on October 24th, the program will include ŠTIMUNGStudio Liberdance and Rajko Pavlić who writes the following about the play: In the atmosphere, the body is alive from flesh and blood, i.e. felt, experiential, a body that testifies only about itself, which exemplifies, i.e. proves its reality. We are interested in the whole body affected by the atmosphere, which leads to what we call tension, spanung (Spannung). What's that state of affairs? This is a state of individual personality that in our case should develop to unimagined possibilities of imagination and creativity as the main motive why we approach this work in the first place.


On Thursday, October 26, follows ŽOHARI by Mario Kovač and the Studio for Contemporary Dance will follow, within whose matinee performance at 9:30 and at 12 noon zpc's audience development program PLESONAUTI will be realized. Plesonauts cooperate with primary and secondary schools partners whose students regularly visit the Zagreb Dance Center, and the program itself includes lectures, workshops, watching performances, talking about performances, as well as talking with performers and authors and presenting professions dancer, choreographer, lighting designer and theatre producer.


And on Friday, October 27, starting at 8 pm, ZPC will host this year's dance project supported within the development and co-production activities of the regional network PAN-ADRIA, MEMORIA, authored by Mala Klina. The project produced by ELIAS 2069 and Mercedes Klein and co-produced by the network members, the author defines with the following lines: Memoria is a work about memory and loss. In it I explore time, because only we who perceive it are able to remember it. It is also about exploring the imagination, because without it there is no memory, because our memory time and experience are caught in the image. Jaksha's imaginative creations, my father's struggle to see and name my dream work share the same space, that of the wide sky. Memory is a leap into the depths of visionary consciousness and a celebration of our experiences from which we originate and to which we return.



October rerun, premiere, festival and guest program is realized in cooperation with artistic organizations and associations: Board of Directors Plešimedo, Contemporary Dance Week / Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance - HIPP, Studio for Contemporary Dance, Association Domino, ELIAS 2069 & Mercedes Klein and member organizations pan-ADRIA network / En-Knap, Cultural Center Špansko Borci, Slovenian National Theatre Nova Gorica, Artists associati,  Moment Maribor, Croatian Cultural Centre in Sušak, Mediterranean Dance Centre and Zagreb Dance Centre.

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