First performance of "Die Female" soon in Kerempuh

The premiere will be held on October 10th 2020

This rich text by the renowned and award-winning writer Marina Vujčić, composed of many strong female voices, is in its somewhat paradoxical subtitle called "silent drama." surface when we least expect them.


Still, it would be simplistic to claim that this is a female drama, although the author undoubtedly puts them in the foreground: women and their men, the relationships they create and break, the search for exactly the love they are willing to give, as never before. a completed, impossible search for happiness, that social construct that waves at us from afar.


In this archetypal story, the three sisters pave their love path through the pain, disappointments, and eternal shadow of their mother. In this palette of events, we encounter a relationship with a much younger man full of compromise, a loving and mysterious one, a relationship with a man who is not there and a relationship in which a much stronger partner forgives all the flaws of his rising artist while sacrificing for his success slowly but he surely loses parts of himself forever. These stories of the search for intimacy, vivid and recognizable, are sure to be etched into the emotional map of your memory.


Die Female is a witty and insightful play in which the intimate sphere of an individual is easily transferred to the stage, creating plots and emotions taken from everyday life, and skillfully enriched with fictional attire. With fluttering acting, the inevitable mix of humour and pain, and theatrical play with the genre, this piece guarantees you influence on intricate love stories interwoven with laughter.


The play stars Nina Erak - Svrtan, Mirela Videk Hranjec, Mia Anočić - Valentić, Ines Bojanić, Anita Matić Delić, Nikša Butijer, Damir Poljičak and Luka Petrušić.


The scenography is by Irena Kraljić, the costume design by Vedrana Rapić, and the lighting designer is Aleksandar Mondecar.

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