Promising us exciting 70th edition of festival

07-01-2020 Arman Fatić

The precious that will keep you indoors with hot chocolate and soft blanket.

20-12-2019 Vanja Gredelj

...released on Christmas!

16-12-2019 Arman Fatić

It is a win-win situation?

16-12-2019 Momir Rajšić

Judi Dench´s receives prize at U.K. Film Awards for Outstanding Contribution to U.K. film

16-12-2019 Vanja Gredelj

When can we expect the release date?

12-12-2019 Arman Fatić

...and it's still November?

12-12-2019 Arman Fatić

The film about the Belgrade underground and the car mafia is geting a TV show and a sequel film

01-01-1970 Duart News

What can we expect?

01-01-1970 Lana Mihailović

Take a look at the list.

01-01-1970 Lana Mihailović

The details about the latest Pablo Larraín project "Spencer" are out!

01-01-1970 Lana Mihailović

While Grace adjusts to her new life, the business partners try to develope their next product.

01-01-1970 Lana Mihailović

From Lynch at his best bizzare mood, to a warm story about an old television set.

01-01-1970 Lana Mihailović

Box office took an almost $2 billion loss during the Corona outbreak.

01-01-1970 Lana Mihailović