Plurality of representations: visual identity of 15th Pravo Ljudski Film Festival

15th PLJFF will be held online this year from Nov. 25th to Dec. 20th

Pravo Ljudski Film Festival Sarajevo has just announced the theme of this years festival, visual identity as well as festival dates. In their statement, they explain


Program of 15th Pravo Ljudski Film Festival was created in the atmosphere of urgency, exploring and reflecting on the causes of the sickening world, never losing hope for a possible recovery. The Festival will be entirely online, from 25th November to 20th December.


Instead of the usual single image identity, this time the Festival is opening its visual identity to a plurality of visual representations that reflect the plurality of today's life. In this way, it is opening to a future that we need to build together, courageously. And the future cannot be understood through one single image, but a plurality.


Festival visuals communicate directly, building the meanings in seemingly simple, but complex relation between color and shape. The dominant green color invokes the film instrument of illusion, the green screen, yet it reflects some of the most advanced political solutions humanity currently possesses. The circle, on the other hand, reminds us of the cyclical nature of time and nature. At the same time, the circle symbolizes the times we live in: delineated territories and communities where we shut ourselves, a marked place in which we're standing with a required social distance. It is the circle of closest ones, the ones we can embrace in the time of the pandemic.  


For more information about the program, follow and #pravoljudski15