This undeniable masterpiece will define the next decade of the 2020s.

08-10-2021 Tettyo Saito

As embarrassing as it is to watch a woman being burned, hanged and beaten, even if it was "just" an animation, it is a fact that this is about the fate of many women in the world.

03-10-2021 Duart News

Experimental feature lenght film by Zulfikar Filandra mirrors what happens in front of behind the camera life of filmaker

02-08-2021 Arman Fatić

This Kazakh film is an extraordinary horror-comedy that goes to great lengths to explore the joys of genre cinema.

11-07-2021 Tettyo Saito

The life in a plastic house of Allison Chhorn

08-06-2021 Duart News

Love at first sight has the potential to transform and sometimes completely destroy a person's life.

11-05-2021 Tettyo Saito

It's about a natural but distressing fact which we want to look away from.

11-02-2021 Tettyo Saito

This heartbreaking drama tries to dive into the ambiguity of emotion, and its sincerity makes our hearts tremble in tranquility.

11-02-2021 Tettyo Saito

All the secrets that this holy place the world hides from us.

11-02-2021 Duart News

A film by Lisa Barros Ca and Glenn Leiburn, written by Owen McAferty and Pierce McGreel

02-02-2021 Duart News

Splendid first feature lenght documentary by Ivan Ramljak

12-01-2021 Arman Fatić

"Leoni Cripendorf has a female perspective as a great advantage, but this 94-minute achievement suffers from the borrowed aspects of already well-known and widely acclaimed films."

01-12-2020 Duart News

Ludicurous chemistry between pork cutlet and DJ culture in Japan has produced an unexpected cinematic delight.

10-11-2020 Tettyo Saito

Precious showcases that it is possible to make a quality and innovative film in Bosnia, without the need for a high budget or resorting to war themes.

01-10-2020 Arman Fatić

The soft emergence of beauty and complexity of human psychology which transcends words!

17-09-2020 Duart News