Heksejakt - Norwegian hit series on Pickbox!

Westworld star, Ingrid Bolso Berdal in a tense Norwegian thriller series

Nordic thrillers have long held a special place on bookstore hit charts. Nordic thriller series and films are also extremely popular. For the past decade, Scandinavians have been undisputed when it comes to thrillers. I’ll just mention Stieg Larsson and his Millennium trilogy, whose first book is Män som hatar kvinnor - the first to launch a veritable avalanche of Scandinavian hit thrillers. The Viasat pay television platform is largely responsible for the boom in Nordic thrillers. Founded in 1991, partly owned by the Swedish NENT, Nordic Entertainment Group, a platform on which one can find a multitude of excellent Scandinavian series and films.


Whistleblowers pay a high price for their courage, while the majority of people prefer to keep silent about injustice.

Heksejakt - Witch Hunt, is a notable Norwegian thriller series that premiered on Thursday, January 9, 2020, on the Norwegian Tv2 channel. In Croatia, is available on the pay-TV platform Pickbox, which regularly follows Nordic thriller production. The series has eight episodes and makes a rounded unit, so it can hardly have a second season. Although never say never, because they have extremely good grades. Also with criticism, even better with audiences. It deals with the phenomenon of whistleblowers, people who brought dirty laundry from the workplace to the public. And they paid a high price for that courage and personal responsibility. What privately, what in public. Because no matter how popular we think whistleblowers are, because of the personal courage and publicity they initially get in public, the fact is that they have a made mess of their lives. And the possibility of employment after the initial public attention is non-existent. Capitalism does not tolerate an internal enemy, as corrupt businessmen and politicians call them - snitches. And in Heksejakt, Norwegian star Ingrid Bolso Berdal- known to fans as Armistice from Westworld, plays Ida Waage, a whistleblower from the corrupt law firm Goude & Kloumman.


Chief Accountant Ida Waage seeks protection from the boss after a conflict with a superior, but only then do things go extremely badly for her!

The small law firm of Goude & Kloumman, from Oslo, comes to life financially, when it gets as an exclusive client, Peer Eggen. The richest businessman in Oslo holds in his pocket half of the Norwegian government and the judiciary. Problems for the law firm begins when Chief Accountant Ida Waage, seeks an explanation for a small but suspicious bill for an unknown consulting firm. It doesn’t take her long to realize that money is being laundered through her office for a hated businessman. When she comes into conflict with office lawyer Jan Gunnar - starring Preben Hodneland, Ida seeks protection from boss Paul Klumman - starring Ola G. Furuseth. But that was just a misconception, the whistleblower hunt is open.

Whistlers are a popular topic in movies, studios, and news. The creators of the series Siv Rajendram and Anna Bache-Wiig, the authors of Frikjent I Utoya: July 22, approached the problem of whistleblowers very studiously. They have long studied the most famous cases of whistleblowers in Norway. The idea wasn't to show whistleblowers one-dimensionally. In the series, Ida Wagge is anything but a super-heroine. Her private life turns into hell. The support that everyone counts on, is that in the family, fades over time. The initial public sympathy is slowly waning. Opponents have almost unlimited resources, and there are so few allies. And they're also pressed, brought to the edge of existence, and sometimes to the edge of life. Not everyone can handle the pressure. That’s why whistleblowers like Ida are precious. Because there are people who are forced by pressure to resist even more. Alone against everyone, when they lose all support, then they get the best out of themselves. Because victory is no longer the most important thing in the world, it's a matter of bare survival.


Ingrid Bolse Berdal and Sara Korami received the Norwegian pandan to Emmy Awards, Gullruten 2020, as the best lead and supporting actress in a drama series!

The series has taken as a principle the conflict of good and evil, as it seems in the real world of a corrupt society. To every hope and spark of possible victory of the little man, evil retaliates twice. Siv Rajendram and Anna Bache-Wiig lead the plot so well and set the rhythm, that the series is ideal for watching in one piece. You can’t wait to see what will be in the next episode. They are assisted in this by a great cast, led by Ingrid Bolse Berdal and Sara Korami- who plays the young persistent journalist Aida Salim, who helps Ida Waage. The two of them received valuable awards at Gullruten 2020. Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. Also excellent are the ‘bad guys’, Mads Oudsal as Peer Eggan, and Preben Hodneland as the slimy lawyer, the smug Jan Gunnar Askelund. The creators of the series loaded him on the shoulders and crime of a sexual predator at work and a macho slob. He did a good job because we intensely hate Jan Gunnar from the beginning to the end of the series.

What to say at the end of the review on Heksejakt? If you can, be sure to check out this Norwegian thriller series. It is worth emphasizing once again: the problem of whistleblowers in this series has not been reduced to a brave individual. The aspect is on the consequences and the sacrifice that the individual makes for the account of the whole society. I can't help but wonder, as a citizen of the Balkan, if that is possible in Norway, what is it like to be a whistleblower in the hot European South?