Will the Peacock streaming service be partially free?

NBC launches Peacock TV streaming service soon

There are more and more big names in the field of streaming service. The area that Netflix has sovereignly ruled so far will soon be expanded to another big name. Following Time Warner's decision to move from cable pay-TV to the fast-growing streaming area with HBO Max, it has sparked a chain reaction.

It didn't take long for NBC's response. A 60s NBC logo that heralded a color TV, Peacock's tail was taken over for the NBC streaming project Peacock. The official date is July 15, 2020, when most NBC subscribers would be able to watch Peacock. For now, some options that are in circulation. First comes Comcast Xfinity X1 customer service, April 15, 2020. It would be a kind of rehearsal for July 15, 2020, when all NBC users were able to watch the new streaming service. On web devices and tv connected to the web. If they want to watch an ad program, the cost is $ 4.99, and the ad-free program costs $ 9.99. Market research is underway, which did not turn out as well for NBC as leaders had hoped. The free version for subscribers was supposed to have 7,500 hours of program start, and the Premium version had 15 000 hours of the program.

Peacock may be free for all interested viewers?

To break into a market where there are strong players like Netflix, and from the outside, part of the cake is hijacked by propulsive services like Apple +; Hulu; Disney +; Amazon prime Video, it's not easy. And now even the big cable rival HBO Max comes into game? That's why NBC released the idea to the public, clearly unconfirmed, to consider making the Peacock streaming service free for all users. Whether this means CBS cable subscribers, or anyone interested, is not yet clear. But since NBC is an ultra-strong player in the marketing field, nothing is impossible at this time. If NBC leaders decide that they cannot oppose already established streaming services, Peackok may be free for all interested viewers.

Over 15,000 hours of great series and movies to get you started!

And what does NBC offer for future subscribers or for all users? Most stories are about reboots of already existing series that are now on some other services. The most-watched series in the US is certainly The Office, now available on Netflix A reboot has already been confirmed, which of course will only be on Peacock. But without Steve Carell. Besides, a Battlestar Galactica has been designated for the reboot. To the general delight of Sf fans. For free or with a monthly fee, NBC has much to offer to get you started:

The Office (reboot); Battlestar Galactica (reboot); Cheers (reboot); Frasier; Yellowstone; Will&Grace; Downton Abbey.

I have only singled out a couple of the 30 super popular series. What about movies, documentaries, sports broadcasts? Thousands of hours. Also worth mentioning in the US are popular talk shows such as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon or Late Night with Seth Myers. Quite a lot to disrupt the accounts of established players. Still, if it is free for everyone interesting? The battle for the market has taken a new dimension.

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