Get ready for MASO

Fund your short film, take part in a new training programme!

This is a new international and inclusive programme of the IDM Film Commission South Tyrol and the Bolzano Film Festival Bozen to support the production of short films.

Short film lies at the heart of the new MASO professional development program for filmmakers from all over the world, which was initiated by IDM Film Commission Südtirol, the Bolzano Film Festival Bozen BFFB, the Cultural Departments of the Autonomous Province of Bozen-Bolzano and other European partners such as the Talents and Short Film Market, the Nordnorsk Filmsenter and FilmCamp Norway. In particular, the project aims to reach filmmakers from underrepresented social groups. MASO was launched this morning during the Industry Days of the Bolzano Film Festival Bozen (BFFB).

A well-made short film captivates with its special style and characteristics and enriches the industry as an independent genre,” emphasizes Vera Leonardelli, Director of Business Development at IDM Südtirol. “This cinematic art form is particularly important for the next generation, as it provides a good introduction to the industry as well as visibility for young talents from South Tyrol and for South Tyrol as a film location by gaining the attention of the sector at the important short film festivals.” For this reason, IDM has been focusing on short films for several years now, for example by bringing the short film conference TSFM – Talents and Short Film Market to South Tyrol last year.  

Together with the BFFB and other partners from home and abroad, IDM is now launching its own professional development programme for short films. “MASO is a new initiative with a truly international scope that has emerged from the fruitful collaboration between the BFFB and the IDM Film Commission,” says Vincenzo Bugno, artistic director of the Bolzano Film Festival Bozen. “It is precisely this international aspect, this going beyond borders, that I find particularly interesting, because it allows for networking, exchanging of experiences and learning from one another. I am firmly convinced that internationalization is a great opportunity, especially for smaller film locations like South Tyrol.”

Enrico Vannucci, who is in charge of programming the short film selection at the Locarno Film Festival, is responsible for the content of MASO #1. “The short film is an art form in its own right. It is real cinema and the sector has evolved considerably in many ways over time. There are many more productions today, but at the same time there are also more festivals and online platforms just for short films,” emphasizes Vannucci.

The MASO professional development programme is aimed at aspiring talents as well as professionals. The concept: creative duos consisting of a writer or director on the one hand and a producer on the other can submit a project concept for a short film. Particular attention will be paid to reaching filmmakers from underrepresented social groups and encouraging them to participate. By supporting these groups with a strong artistic voice, the aim is to make the world of film and television more inclusive, colorful, and diverse.

Eight projects will be selected from all the submissions to participate in the professional development programme, giving a total of 16 filmmakers the opportunity to develop their short film and see it through to distribution. This will take place in two workshops and several mentoring sessions led by internationally renowned experts. The first workshop will take place in November 2024 at FilmCamp Norway in Øverbygd, Norway, and the second in April 2025 during the Bolzano Film Festival Bozen in South Tyrol. The eight selected projects will also receive support with financing and distribution. These funded projects will be selected with the assistance of an advisory board made up of international short film experts. After filming, the project participants will be supported in celebrating their premiere at a prestigious A-list festival, and the resulting short films will also be presented at the BFFB and thus receive the greatest possible attention from the industry. Applications are possible from now until 30 June here.

The main aim of MASO is to provide a dedicated space for film-making. Participants are professionally supported in all phases of their project and can network with other filmmakers and exchange ideas,” says Leonardelli. “This facilitates creative exchange, promotes the next generation of international filmmakers, and will lead to short films and short series that will attract the interest of the film sector.  


MASO #1 is organized by IDM Film Commission Südtirol and Bolzano Film Festival Bozen (BFFB) in collaboration with: Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen - South Tyrol; Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire; Fachverband der Film- und Musikwirtschaft (FAMA); Federal Ministry Republic of Austria for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport (BMKOES); FilmCamp Norway; Fondo per l’Audiovisivo del Friuli Venezia Giulia; Free University of Bozen-Bolzano; Gewächshaus - Verein zur Förderung von Diversität im Film; Hessen Film & Medien GmbH; Italian Short Film Center; Nordnorsk Filmsenter - North Norwegian Film Centre; ZeLIG - School for Documentary, Television and New Media Bozen/Bolzano.

MASO, press release