Killing Eve season three will premiere two weeks ahead of schedule

The trailer for the new season is now also available.

The widely successful British spy drama Killing Eve is returning for its third season ahead of schedule, this time under the showrunner and head writer Suzanne Heathcote. The series, created and produced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, has been a fan favourite since it first appeared on BBC America. The two leads - played by Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer - their obsessive relationship, the show's sense of humor and Vilannele's sense of style as well as the craftsmanship have put Killing Eve on many critic's best on tv lists. 


With this announcement, the trailer for the season also dropped and we finally found out if Eve survived being shot by her archnemesis/potential lover and the answer probably does not come as a surprise. Everything else is left to be seen, except for the spirit of the series that seems to remain the same and the return of all our favourite characters, including Carolyn Martens - played by Fiona Shaw - and Konstantin -  with Kim Bodnia in the role. The official synopsis for the seasons goes as follows:


“The third season of the award-winning drama continues the story of two women with brutal pasts, addicted to each other but now trying desperately to live their lives without their drug of choice. For Villanelle (Jodie Comer), the assassin without a job, Eve (Sandra Oh) is dead. For Eve, the ex-MI6 operative hiding in plain sight, Villanelle will never find her. All seems fine until a shocking and personal death sets them on a collision course yet again. The journey back to each other will cost both of them friends, family, and allegiances…and perhaps a share of their souls.”


This news comes after networks and streaming services have been forced to re-evaluate their scheduling plans. With numerous productions being been shut down indefinitely, finished projects have been moved up as a way to fill the air and provide stay-at-home audiences with enough content.


Killing Eve returns to BBC America on April 12th.

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