Is Watchmen coming back?

Seems unlikely, as the show's creator decides he doesn't want further involvement.

While the success of Watchmen made it clear the audience would happily welcome a second season, the decision is less obvious for the network - and will probably be a no. The reason behind it is the backing out of the show's creator, Damon Lindelof, and his choice not to participate in any future episodes.

As reported by USA Today, Lindelof – co-creator of Lost and creator of Leftovers, another HBO show –  "told the story he wanted to tell", but he has given his blessings for the network to continue with the second season under a different producer and writer. HBO programming chief Casey Bloys commented to the same outlet that this is highly unlikely since they can’t imagine doing it without Lindelof's involvement.

The show has been consistently named of the best of the year, with Variety stating 7.1 million viewers per episode. This made Watchmen the most viewed new program for the network since Big Little Lies, yet it was snubbed from this year's Golden Globes.

The technical sequel to the novels premiered in October 2019. Technical, because Lindelof wanted to base the show in the world of the comic books, but also create new characters and stories  - which take place 34 years after the novels. The first episode starts with the Tulsa massacre of 1921 and ties to the racist violence in 2019, which is at the center of the season.

And while the show managed to tie together and explain its mysteries, it finished on a rather cryptic ending which left room for speculations about the second season. Such endings always give hope to the fans, but unfortunately, this time it is unlikely that all the success of Watchmen will be enough  - and maybe that is a wise decision. Quit while you're ahead.