TOP 5 horror series not to miss on Netflix

Five horror series that you should not miss if you are a fan of the horror genre

With SF fans, horror fans are, if not the most loyal, then the most patient followers of a genre. Horror movies that are easier to make than series are accompanied by bad karma. If you go to IMBD and see the grades, you'll have your daily dose of creepy. The ratings of the horror series are slightly higher, but not even close near dramas, thrillers, or romantic comedies. It is fair to say that it is very difficult to scare people these days? There are a few good horrors on average. Maybe two-three out of ten titles. One reason is the budget of the movie or series. Most of the people think that horror film might be the easiest way to learn to make films. Hire a few friends, borrow a camera from college, and you will shoot amazing and successful horror? It is true. Of course, if your name is Sam Raimi, and you just made Evil Dead!


The situation, at least for the series, is going better. Large OTT platforms such as Netflix are increasingly releasing notable horror series. The quality otherwise depends on the amount of money invested in the project. Netflix does not save money on horror series, or it is a case at least with these 5 titles that follow.


5. Penny Dreadful

The collaboration between Showtime production and Sky Atlantic has brought us a fifth place in the chart of excellent horror series. Already when hearing about the actors - Eva Green and Josh Hartnett, you have more than enough of a reason to watch. But everything else is also on a high level. The series is no longer being made and three seasons have aired so far. The last episode of the third season aired on June 19, 2016. Yes, unfortunately, it's been three and a half years that Ethan and Vanessa aren't with us. The first season was one of the most memorable. Conflict with vampires on the streets of London during the 19th century The second season dealt more with witches. In the third season, we reached Dracula.


The series is, as you know, named after horror novels that cost one penny. For those who don't know yet, fan complaints have had their results. Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, opens April 26, 2020, on Showtime Network. Which is also good news for HBO subscribers. We can't wait!


4. Dead Set

This five-episode zombie outbreak series is very interesting. It was produced by the E4 channel and owned by Endemol Big Brother Recording Company! The action of Dead Set is happening on the set of Big Brother, whose participants in isolation do not know that there is a war on the streets with zombies. The series aired six weeks after Big Brother 2008 - October 27, 2008. Because of the great idea, they've deserved 4th place on the TOP 5 chart. It's also a great, fast-paced, zombie-outbreak, unusually high-quality series.


3. Marianne

A series that Netflix, to the surprise of many genre fans, cancelled after its first season. I regret, after all, 3rd place on the TOP 5 Netflix horror series speaks for itself. Marianne is a truly, exceptional representative of the supernatural horror genre, which is creepy indeed. Fight with the five hundred years old witch by Marianne Basselin is within the genre - a very good series. Interesting story, great casting led by Victoire Du Bois. It's really a shame to cancel a series that already has its fan base, but here it doesn't fit into the Netflix scheme. For now.


2. The Haunting of Hill House

The key man in this remarkable horror series is Mike Flanagan. A talented director who seems to have opted for the horror genre. Usually, directors of his calibre, after initial successes in the horror genre, move into some other - more serious - waters. Flanagan also recently had a movie hit Dr.Sleep. The 2018 series, The Haunting of Hill House has ten equable episodes and the top casting - Carla Gugino and Timothy Hutton. It was shot after a literary hit by writer Shirley Jackson. The plot revolves around the Craine family, a married couple with five children. They move into an empty Gothic house, intending to invest money in renovation and sell it for big money. But a haunted house does not let the family out of its clutches. It is important to mention that the sequel-series is also directed by Flanagan.


1. Kingdom

First and foremost, what I normally leave for the end! Kingdom- the second season opens on 3/13/2020 on Netflix! The long-awaited sequel to this high-budget Korean series as I write this, you can watch it on Netflix today in a six-episode set. If you watched the first season because the second season continues directly to the events of the first season. And it's a zombie outbreak in feudal Korea. An excellent blend of costumed historical drama, in the best tradition of Korean history films, and excellent horror. I'm not the biggest fan of the zombie subgenre. I prefer supernatural horror. But this is so well done that it is on the top 5 of the Netflix horror rankings. The first season was an absolute surprise to us Europeans. We do not know the Korean movie scene. Unknown directors, and casting. It helped that the Koreans had a mega-hit zombie genre - Train to Busan. What exactly is this mega-popular expensive Korean hit series about?


The series is set during the Chosun Dynasty, sometime in the 19th century. The young prince, Chang, is in mortal danger when the Cho clan wants to remove him to gain his throne. His dying father-emperor must live to the point where his young wife does not give birth to a Crown Prince from the Cho clan. Namely, the prince is not from an 'official' marriage, so he loses his throne if the young stepmother gives birth. After a whole bunch of intrigue, the prince escapes to the South of the country. But there is a terrible zombie-outbreak going on. So the battle is being fought on multiple fronts, against the Imperial army, because he is labelled a traitor. As well as an impending zombie invasion ...


If you are a fan of good horror series, you can watch these five series on Netflix. I'm sure you won't regret it. Although I know most of you have some of your favourites. But who skipped these series had no reason to.


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