Edgar Wright and his longtime collaborators launch "Complete Fiction" production company

Nira Park, Joe Cornish, Rachael Prior and Wright already have a three series in works at Netflix

Edgar Wright with his longtime collaborators and fellow British artistic masters, producer Nira Park, writer Joe Cornish and Rachael Prior just launched a new production company, Complete Fiction, with three TV projects already lined up at Netflix. 


“This new chapter with Complete Fiction is something I have wanted to embark on for a while now,” stated Wright. “Nira has been my producer for more than 20 years, but we, along with our amazing team of long-time friends and collaborators, still share the same drive to bring original stories to the screen.


“There is so much scope to originate and be genuinely creative in both film and television, and that is more important than ever right now,” said Park. “A huge motivating factor in forming this new company is the chance to work with the writers and directors that inspire us across all mediums.”


Already agreed three new series for Netflix under the Complete Fiction name are all novel adaptations. First one of them, “Lockwood & Co,” is a supernatural action-adventure detective series, based on the novels by Jonathan Stroud. The second one, “The Murders of Molly Southbourne” comes from novelist Tade Thompson while the last one is the historical fantasy series inspired by Islamic folklore, “The City of Brass” from author S.A. Chakraborty.