The long-awaited trailer for No Time To Die is out!

Daniel Craig played Bond for the last time.

"My name is Craig. Daniel Craig."


This is probably the last time that Daniel Craig will pronounce the famous sentence: “My name is Bond. James Bond". After this movie - the 25th in a row - from the Bond franchise, Daniel Craig loses his license to kill. As early as 2016 after the last 007 franchise movie - Spectre - Craig said he was fed up. But a couple of massive offers - the last known was reported $ 250 million - which he accepted ended with the signing of a new contract for the 25th Bond movie - No Time To Die.


Supposedly the last one to Daniel Craig. He has played Bond six times over eleven years. Saturation has taken place, and he is no longer a young man in form, he is 51 old. He must admit that he always insisted on shooting dangerous scenes himself. By this, he's certainly the most prominent among the famous Bonds.


"Danny Boyle wanted to kill Bond in the movie."

The latest Bond has been in the pipeline for three years. The movie premiere has been moved a third time. This time it's officially April 2, 2020. Filming has been plagued by the usual hassle - scriptwriters have changed several times. Even the director has changed. After Sam Mendes declined further involvement with the franchise, Danny Boyle fell in, instead of him. And soon flew out. The reason is, of course, creative disagreements with the film crew. The real reason is that Danny wanted to kill Bond in the movie because it took a long time to refresh the franchise, so the story emerged that the next Bond could be a woman! Still, Daniel Craig, or Barbara Broccoli, did not like it. Cary Joji Fukunaga took the place of Danny Boyle. They appear in the movie: Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Lea Seydoux. Christoph Waltz said that if Craig stays as Bond, then he will also be in the movie. And he did it. Still missing a good villain and a good car. The villain is Rami Malek – from Bohemian Rhapsody, in the trailer, he appears with a mutilated face, scars from the fire. The car is an Aston Martin DB5, but the trailer also features a good old V8, much to the delight of male Bond fans.

© Credit: Brian Ach