Netflix officially open its Christmas movie marathon!

...and it's still November?

Last year, Netflix gave us Kurt Russel as Santa Claus (The Christmas Chronicles) but this year they're preparing something even more special! From the beginning of the month November, the streaming giant is slowly adding up original holiday content and at this point, there is already enough for a decent Christmas marathon with hot cocoa and peppermint cookies. This is a list of the original films/tv shows that are already available for a decent binge-watch under a warm blanket!



Holiday in the Wild

Nothing says holiday spirit on November 1st more than African safari and film with a cheesy romantic plot that Hallmark scriptwriters will envy for this whole holidays season! The film follows Kate - actress Kristin Davis - a woman jilted by her husband just two days before their second honeymoon anniversary. Kate decides not to waste a perfectly good honeymoon anniversary trip so she goes alone on safari. In the true fashion of holiday's magic, she meets Derek - actor Rob Lowe - a handsome pilot to join her on her African journey. 



Let It Snow

Getting trapped in the snowstorm during the Christmas sounds like a classic disaster seen in many holiday films. But not in this one! Based on a novel by Maureen Johnson, John Green, and Lauren Myracle, Let it snow follows a group of high school seniors trapped together on a Christmas eve. And yes they do party and they do try to answer the most important question of their lives, who is dating who? With a star cast including Jacob Batalon, Isabela Merced, Shameik Moore and Odeya Rush, this one sounds like a perfect holiday teen romance flick! 



"Feeling Christmassy? Then Netflix's movies should delight you"




Is there a bigger joy day a beautifully crafted animated Christmas film?  Netflix outdid themselves this year with Claus, the newest work of Sergio Pablos, the creator of Despicable Me. The film follows a story of Jasper - Jason Schwartzman - the postman stationed on the frozen island above the Arctic Circle on a mission to help and deliver toys and joy, with his toymaker companion Claus - J.K. Simmons - to the rather desolate island.



The Knight Before Christmas 

The Medieval Knight - actor Josh Whitehouse - lost in time, the high-school teacher - actress Vanessa Hudgens - lost in her mid 20's crisis and a Christmas miracle that unites the two together. A perfect premise for another jolly Netflix original for this holiday season.



Holiday Rush  

Rashon 'Rush' Williams - actor Romany Malco - is a father of four, and a DJ on the highly successful radio show. Ever since his wife's death, he is doing his best as a single parent to provide to his children, up to a point of spoiling them. When he loses his job right before the holiday season, it is time for him and his kids to simplify their lives and discover the true meaning and joy of family unity.