Mr.Mercedes - Brendan Gleeson for the third time in the role of retired detective Bill Hodges

Season 3 of the series Mr.Mercedes brigs us a lot more goods from the mind of Stephen King

The last five to six years have been a qualitative and quantitative step in terms of adaptations of the novel by mega-successful writer Stephen King. But let's go back to the beginning, to 1976 when Brian De Palma first set out to make a movie according to King's book - Carrie. Then in 1979 on Warner Bros. Television, another great director (Tobe Hooper) directs King. Hooper directs the Salem's Lot mini-series with David Soul and James Mason. This series is rather underrated tv work. I must also mention Kubrick and Shinning. What a start! The 1980s were unlucky for King, adaptations his books were generally low-budget and ended mostly in the video market. The '90s were marked, at least as far as quality was concerned with Frank Darabont - Shawshank Redemption and Green Mile. With Reiner's excellent movie Misery, it would be all for mentioning. Pitiful, at least as far as the horror genre that glorified King.


In the last five years, it has been time to revitalize the famous writer. High-budget films and series alternate as on the assembly line. It, It Chapter Two, Pet Sematary, and Dr. Sleep was at the top of the most-watched movies in theatres. King went well also on TV. The Mist, Castle Rock, Outsider, and Mr. Mercedes. Hulu, Audience, and HBO, only the biggest ones are in the game if we watch the streaming services. It's over with SyFy low-budget term filling. The King got the royal treatment.


In the first two seasons, Detective Hodges' main opponent is deranged psychopath Brady Hartsfield


On August 9, 2017, the first season of Mr. Mercedes aired on the Audience Network. For ten episodes, David E. Kelley (Chicago Hope, Ally McBeal, Boston Legal) is the showrunner. The first season was filmed by the first part of the Stephen King trilogy about retired detective Bill Hodges - starring Brendan Gleeson. Twisted serial killer Brady Hartsfield - starring Harry Treadway, in a stolen Mercedes-Benz, kills 16 people who came to the job fair in Ohio, 2009. The investigation is being led by Detective Bill Hodges, who himself finds himself targeted by a madman. When Hodges retires, he devotes himself to hunting down psychopath Brady. He founded the Finders Keepers agency, with him in the team is Holly Gibney - starring Justine Lupe, and Jerome Robinson - starring Jharell Jerome. You could also see Holly Gibney as a character in The Outsider. She is one of the reasons why you should watch Mr. Mercedes if you haven't already. Holly is one of many characters who are interesting because of their personality. Specifically, she has a milder form of autism. And just for that, she has a lot of unusual mental skills and a crazy character.


The second season is mostly based on the hunt for a killer whose mind is manipulated by Brady Hartsfield. How to deal with a person still in a hospital room, in a coma? It's hard to have allies. People are not inclined to believe that coma guy is behind the new murders. Bill Hodges has no doubts. His crusade against Brady culminates in a trial at the end of season two.


In the third season, the big problem is that David E. Kelley has to keep high rhythm and quality without a key person - Brady Hartsfield. That's why he introduces a new maniac. Two new maniacs, actually. Morris Bellamy - starring Gabriel Ebert, a big fan of famous writer Rothstein. Bellamy doesn't choose the means to get Rothstein's handwriting, a never-before-released sequel to the hero Jimmy Gold. Alma Lane - starring Kate Mulgrew (the brilliant Red from Orange is New Black), fills in an additional number of psychopaths. Bill Hodges has been busy with Trial all third season long, at which it is discussed about Brady Hartsfield. Only occasionally engaged in a new case. Of course, it can't be that way until the end of the third season, in the end, there is a climax that everyone is waiting for.


They say the series is only as good as the bad guy in it. Harry Treadaway is a great villain!


Nine out of ten series that stretch over several seasons, as a rule, lose in intensity. Mr. Mercedes is one of those nine series. Of course, it does not belong to those that are no longer worth watching. Brendan Gleeson is still great. This may not be his best career role, but he is an excellent actor, there is no dilemma. Stephen King wrote the trilogy on Detective Bill Hodges ( major character ) is also true. But during the first season, as well as during the second, Harry Treadaway, who plays the deranged Brady Hartsfield, imposed himself. It is not said in vain that a movie/series is as good as it is a good villain. And Harry Treadaway is a great villain. There is no official confirmation yet as to whether or not Mr. Mercedes season four. If she kept filming, she would hardly keep the number of viewers she had at the start. The slow-paced rhythm plus too much introspection first repel part of the audience eager for action. But as long as there are Brendan Gleeson and Justine Lupe (Holly Gibney), there's a chance she'll keep her level, with a many as ten episodes per season.


In the Outsider series, Holly Gibney is an Afro-American woman. In Mr. Mercedes is a white woman. Which version is right?


For the ending, a fun fact: Did you know that in The Outsider, Holly Gibney is one of the main characters? Interestingly, Cynthia Orivo starring Holly Gibney in The Outsider series. Black actress who was nominated for an Oscar 2020 for starring in a Harriet movie. In Mr. Mercedes, Holly Gibney is played by white actress Justine Lupe. Which version is right? Black or white? The answer is - white. In books - The Outsider and Mr. Mercedes, Holly Gibney's character was a white woman.