Blitz-Cinestar opens its halls!

August 20, 2020, the magical world of film again in cinemas

Not that we won the war with Covid-19, but we won one small significant battle. The film industry, and with its cinemas, is one of the biggest victims in the fight against the pandemic. Cinemas have been closed in Zagreb since March 19, and it is similar to the rest of Croatia. As for the distribution and showing of films, Covid-19 broke the chain at the very beginning. Production and filming most of the started film projects have been suspended. So even if you wanted to start earlier, it wouldn't make sense, when there are no new titles, there is no audience. But at the end of the summer, the situation is somewhat different. We had to get used to living with the virus and accept the fact that it would not go away. It did not disappear even over the summer when many experts predicted a lull in the pandemic. After cooperating with the Croatian Institute of Public Health, the Ministry of Culture gave the green light to open cinemas. Of course, following the instructions and recommendations of epidemiologists.


"We would like to thank the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia, the Croatian Institute of Public Health, and the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, for their support and understanding throughout the crisis. We used the time from closing to reopening the cinema to plan and implement all necessary protection measures. We have prepared cinemas for a new reception of visitors, disinfected, established new hygiene standards and their maintenance, and introduced employees to protective procedures, so we are ready to welcome the opening. We are all eager to have fun, but we must stay responsible. The health and safety of visitors and our employees is our priority ", said Jadranka Islamović, Executive Director and Member of the Management Board of Blitz-CineStar, on the occasion of the opening.


The most important thing in the story about the opening of the multiplex is the repertoire. If there are films, there will be an audience. Without movies, even ticket sales with a space between the seats will not go easy. And what awaits us at the beginning, in the first days after the reopening of cinemas? It would be said modestly but also intriguingly.


For the start of August 20th, you will be able to see Russell Crowe as a maniac named The Man. Chasing an unfortunate driver with whom he clashed in traffic. As with YouTube, footage of raging traffic conflicts! The film is called Unhinged, and I can’t wait to compare it to Falling Down, 1993. Who is crazier, Russell Crow or Michael Douglas?


For those who like lighter themes, there is the romantic biopic I Still Believe, with K.J.Apa as Jeremy Camp, Christian music star. Of course, the kids can’t wait for the popcorn, and the animation hit film Onward. You can order the mentioned popcorn as well as other menus online. And pick them up together with the tickets before the start of the film at the box office. This is new, tickets are waiting for you along with drinks and food!


Of course, most people are looking forward to the premiere that the whole world is buzzing about. $220 million heavy spectacles by Christopher Nolan, Tenet. After the Dunkerque war spectacle, Nolan turns to thrillers and SF. The casting is Robert Pattinson, Michael Caine, and young David Washington, the son of Denzel Washington.


In order not to stop at Nolan, let's say that Mulan also has the premiere in Croatian cinemas. A featured version of a great animated hit, starring Yifei Liu. Admirers of Danis Tanović will be able to watch the full-blooded thriller The Postcard Killing, and the kids can't wait for Scoob! The new adventures of the confused Scooby-Doo. For the start, this is it. How it goes next will be judged by the audience and Covid-19. We are hoping the film industry is still alive, and without cinemas, this is impossible. Darkness in cinemas is also darkness in the hearts of film art lovers.

© Blitz Cinestar