S life goes on and as cinemas are getting partially open we must accept the new reality and turn to what we have.

11-06-2020 Momir Rajšić

What happens when we are confronted with the past?

03-06-2020 Lana Mihailović

An action drama about an ambitious young co-worker at The Hague tribunal in search of a key witness in a trial against a man accused of military crimes

30-05-2020 Duart News

The realism of the film is in an unexpectedly good balance with the pretentious abstractness on an epic scale.

30-05-2020 Duart News

Hirokazu Koreeda's latest film is another gorgeous title affected by the shutdown of cinemas

16-05-2020 Arman Fatić

The HBO film, produced by Wood's daughter, airs today on May 5.

11-05-2020 Lana Mihailović

Hugh Jackman in HBO film based on the New York Magazine article "The Bad Superintenent"

07-05-2020 Momir Rajšić

Ayka, All is Good and The Cave as door inside the world of women

05-05-2020 Vanja Gredelj

Jesse Eisenberg and Imogene Pots in Ireland / Danmark / Belgium co-production

25-04-2020 Momir Rajšić

Valiant Comics' first superhero movie is here... But is it any good?

13-04-2020 Momir Rajšić

The Collaboration of Matthew McConaughey and Guy Ritchie in a gangster blockbuster!

04-04-2020 Momir Rajšić

Read about some of the most interesting films shot in one take.

03-04-2020 Lana Mihailović

Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, with its' debut, surprised both the audience and the critics!

02-04-2020 Momir Rajšić

Indie titles from the first three months of 2020 worth checking out!

31-03-2020 Arman Fatić

Winner of Teddy - Best Feature Film award at Berlinale

29-03-2020 Arman Fatić