What to watch on streaming services in May

These are 5 latest films/ tv shows worth checking in upcoming month!

May is just around the corner and as the chances for box office reopening are quite slim, we can expect another month of films and tv series everyone will talk about from home. With HBO Max starting at the end of the May, Netflix getting serious and selective about their entertainment (as they are shutting down their productions due COVID-19 crisis) and Adult Swim delivering their most popular show on the air it seems like the month in front of us will bring a lot of satisfaction for all of us couch potatoes. Without further ado, here are highlights from streaming services in May 2020.




A first Ryan Murphy’s Netflix collaboration is set to detail the height of the golden age of Hollywood as we follow a group of actors and filmmakers trying to make it big. The series cast includes Rob Reiner, Darren Criss, Jake Picking, Patti LuPone, Paget Brewster, Mira Sorvino, and Jim Parsons.


Janet Mock, is co-writer, director and executive producer of the series, and so far the source of the most information. In her statement for Elle magazine Mock unvailed: 


With the present so fraught and the future uncertain, we turned to the past for direction, uncovering buried history to spin an aspirational tale of what-ifs: What if a band of outsiders were given a chance to tell their own story? What if the person with greenlight power was a woman? The screenwriter a black man? What if the heroine was a woman of colour? The matinee idol openly gay? And what if they were all invited into the room where the decisions are made, entering fully and unapologetically themselves to leave victorious and vaunted, their place in history cemented. Hollywood is a love letter to our little industry town where dreamers dwell, stars are born, and magic transcends reality.

Release Date: May 1, 2020.


Rick and Morty


On April Fool’s Day, Adult Swim announced the premiere date for the back half of Season 4 of Rick and Morty, with a new trailer and a short set in medieval Japan, inspired by Lone Wolf and the Cub.


In the trailer, Rick and Morty were fighting off bizarre creatures in “unnecessarily badass” suits of armour and arguing over whether to wear squid creatures on their face. We didn't find out what might be the plot of these five episodes, but with all the gloriously bizarre action, science fiction references we are ready for anything that Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland are preparing for us!

Release Date: May 3, 2020.




Tom Hardy’s Al Capone drama “Fonzo” has been retitled Capone and is now set for a streaming debut this May. The biographical drama takes place 10 years into Capone’s prison sentence. The 47-year-old gangster begins suffering from dementia and becomes haunted by his violent past. Joining Hardy on-screen are Linda Cardellini, Matt Dillon, Kyle MacLachlan, as well as Jack Lowden.


Capone is Josh Trank's first directorial/ writer effort since the notorious box office bomb in 2015.  Director stated that while the project may have a new title, the cut of the film being released is his own and has not been meddled with like “Fant4stic.”

Release Date: May 12, 2020.


White Lines


Money Heist creator Alex Pina is back with another Netflix thriller, and yes, his loyal fanbase will be immediately sucked into the new series, which combines Pina’s trademark thrills with a glamorous Ibiza setting. 


White Lines on Netflix stars Laura Haddock, Juan Diego Botto, Marta Milans, and more stars in a twisty, drug-fueled thriller. 20 years after a legendary Manchester DJ mysteriously disappears, his body washes up on the shores of Spanish island Ibiza. His sister Zoe travels to Ibiza to investigate what happened, but she’s soon drawn into a sinister web of dance clubs, lies, and cover-ups that prompts her to question her own character.

Release date: May 15, 2020.


Space Force


The big Netflix comedy series of 2020 arrives at the end of May with Steve Carrell and Greg Daniels returning for their first TV sitcom since The OfficeSpace Force will follow a group of people tasked with creating a sixth branch of the armed services, Donald Trump's infamous Space Force!


Throughout the first 10 episodes, we'll have a chance to see stars like Owen Daniels, Noah Emmerich, John Malkovich doing quirky tasks of the newest fighting domain, helping extinguish great treats to Americans national security.

Release Date: May 29, 2020.