Hollywood, the latest Netflix series of Golden Age of the Dream Industry is online now!

Seven-episode mini-series airs on Netflix right now!

The golden age of Hollywood is undoubtedly the post-WWII era. People eager for fun and relaxation after the war nightmare, rushed to Hollywood looking for their slice of dreams. Many young people have turned the search for gold from times past into the search for a colourful dream, the Hollywood Moving Picture Factory.


It is this period that Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, the creators, and producers of this mini-series, deals with. Both are seasoned authors, having behind a high-budget project on television. Murphy is the author of American Crime Story and Feud, and Brennan is the author of The Glee Project and Scream Queens. Murphy and Brennan worked together on Scream Queens, so Hollywood is not their first joint project. So what is about in their new project?


"California! Tinseltown is boomtown! ”. After WWII, Jack Castello-starring David Corenswet, a young man who survived the Battle of Anzio, arrives in Hollywood. Attracted by the dazzling splendour of the dream factory, he hopes to find his fortune in the booming entertainment industry. He is married to Henrietta- starring Maude Apatow, so he must find a job because, in California, married couples can't live long without money. Jack goes to the studio door every single morning and is rejected again and again. He has no experience, just being young and handsome is not enough. When he gets drunk in despair, he meets gentleman Ernie - starring Dylan McDermott, who offers him a job at a Golden Tip gas station. But the gas station is just a cover for male prostitution ...


As you can see, Murphy&Brennan duo did a little inversion. We are used to young and inexperienced girls rushing to Hollywood to celebrate themselves, and then end up on the street. This is about young men who end up on the street. But this is still a mini-series, so the journey from the street to some career is almost certain for Jack and his friends. Who we will meet during the mini-series.


In addition to Corenswet, McDermott, and Apatow, Jeremy Pope - starring Archie Coleman, as the black screenwriter, who is also a gay, appears in the lead roles. Laura Harrier is Camile Washington, a black actress facing numerous racial prejudices. Her boyfriend is Raymond Ainsley - starring Darren Criss, half- Filipino, who wants to become a film director. An interesting character, played by Jack Picking as Archie Coleman, is a direct association with Rock Hudson. He is a boyfriend of Archie Coleman, which is not unusual in Hollywood at the time. But those years are marked by racism and intolerance towards the gay community.


In addition to the main roles, we will also get to see Queen Latifah, Rob Reiner, Mira Sorvino, Holland Taylor, and Patty LuPone throughout the series. The stellar lineup in a slightly soapy mini-series. Photography is aptly dazzling for that 'golden' period. Costume design and set design are also completely appropriate for this period. All the ingredients for a good party are there. The seven-episode format was chosen, not much at all. If you love Hollywood, the 1950s, numerous links to great actors, studio bosses, sexual affairs, and newspaper scandals, be sure. This is the series just for you.