Lovecraft Country - HBO's Most Expected Premiere of 2020

J.J. Abrams and Jordan Peele produce the most anticipated series of the year

Information on the HBO's big trump card for 2020 can hardly be found. The series, which has been in production since 2017, is wrapped in a veil of mystery. The teaser, which leaked earlier this year, was soon removed from the web. Something small can be discovered through photos and shared HBO teasers for 2020. And that's not much. Horror fans look forward to the exact date for the premiere. It is speculated that this will be during this year, but this has not been officially confirmed. What do we even know about the Lovecraft Country series?


The major figures are Jordan Peele, actor, producer and director ( Get Out ), and J.J.Abrams, a famous producer. With them, the most important person in this production is Misha Green, the showrunner. He has adapted fantasy - horror novella by Mat Ruff ( HarperCollins edition, 2016). The project was initiated by Jordan Peel. He gave it to Bad Robots Production, and later becomes involved Warner Bros.Television and Monkeypaw Productions. The series will have ten episodes. And how much noise has been raised around it, I doubt it all comes down to one season. Especially since Lovecraft Country compares in the media with Stranger Things. They call it black Stranger Things. What is it in Matt Ruff's novella about?


War veteran Atticus Black - starring Johnatan Majors, travels to the American South in 1954 in search of his missing father. He is joined by Letitia 'Leti' Dandrige - starring Jurnee Smollett-Bell, and Uncle George - starring Courtney B. Vance. The three of them, on their way across the American South, run straight into trouble. Like white racists, as expected. Supernatural traps, demons, and ghosts, pretty unexpected. It’s hard to say what’s more nasty and awful in the 1950s in the American South. Racism in its full power, racial segregation summarized in the famous phrase 'separate but equal'. Or monsters that seemed to pop out of the pages of Lovecraft's phantasmagoric world.


Now, you know why this is one of the most anticipated tv events of the season. White supremacy scum and giant octopus, witchcraft, and other-dimensional creatures. Real fans of the fantasy and horror genre wanted any, even little gossip of this project. And there is very little news, at least for now.


There is much mention in the announcements that the series is a mix of horror and America from the Jim Crow laws era. For anyone who does not know the term, which is little known outside of US territory, let's clarify it in a few sentences. Jim Crow is a 19th-century colloquial term for a black slave. He caricaturally portrays a white man dressed in rags, face blackened, acting, and dancing, like a supposed black man. Jim Crow laws, racial segregation laws that were enforced in the American South until 1965, were the main legal pillars of racial segregation. Separate schools, public transportation, and even public fountains. Especially for white citizens, especially for black people. Jim Crowe's laws have had a major negative impact on the economic, cultural, and educational position of Afro Americans. These negative influences have engulfed all pores of society and even the US military. The consequences of this set of racial laws are being felt even today. Especially in the economic and social environment of big cities.


Until the first trailer, we are eagerly awaiting information from HBO. It is almost certain that the series will premiere in 2020. When it is to be exactly, we don't know yet. But we know for sure, horror fans can barely cope with the anticipation of any news announcement. So do we with them.