World premiere of the "Kuća na Kraljevcu" at 22. DokuFestu

The long-awaited, new film by Pero Kvesić will have its world premiere on Prizren's DokuFest

One of the most important documentary film festivals in Southeast Europe, Prizren's DokuFest, opens its doors for the twenty-second time on Friday, August 4th. Croatian feature-length documentaries will defend Pero Kvesić's new film, Kuća na Kraljevcu.


Kuća na Kraljevcu speaks of a special Zagreb house. It is located on Kraljevec no. 35 and in the last almost half a century has provided shelter to numerous, diverse people. At some point in life, it was everyone's home. A large number of tenants of the house were prominent in various fields of artistic creativity and social activities, so it created top books, film scripts, photographs, illustrations, comics, music, performances, films...


In the house, built by Slobodan Praljak, lived, among others, Abdulah Sidran, Goran Babić, group Ayllu, Igor Kordej, Goran Pavelić Pipo, Milan Trenc, Davor Slamnig and Pjer Žardin, and Davor Gobac, Mirko Ilić, Vilim Matula visited it...


Tenants were later scattered around the world: South America, Canada, New York, The Hague, Belgrade, Sarajevo and Ljubljana. Following their fates, the current owner of the house and author of the film Pero Kvesić talks about the past, but also about today's time.


The world premiere will take place on August 6 at the cinema of a well-known name: Dokukino. All those for whom Prizen and Kosovo are not in the (festival) itinerary this summer will be able to see the House on Kraljevo during the 21st Liburnia Film Festival from August 22nd to 26th.


Due to the director's illness, the film was completed by co-writer and editor Vesna Biljan Pušić, and producer Nenad Puhovski.




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