Bloodshot - SciFi superhero action with Vin Diesel in the lead role is here!

Valiant Comics' first superhero movie is here... But is it any good?

Looks like Vin Diesel is finally bored of constantly jumping into some fast-paced 'la machine' in the Fast & Furious franchise. It might be better to say while waiting for summer and Fast & Furious 9, there is something to live for. Lest we are fooled, this is clearly exploitation film. There is no great wisdom here. Famous name (Vin Diesel), lots of CGI, and an endless series of action sequences that go down almost two hours in front of our eyes, that is Bloodshot, more or less. So what's actually the story of this action spectacle?


In the secret lab, Ray is brought back from the dead using nanotechnology


After a successful search & destroy mission in Afghanistan, Marine Ray Garrison - starring Vin Diesel, rushes to Italy. Where his beautiful wife Gina - starring Talulah Riley, is waiting for him. In the picturesque town of Amalfi, besides Gina, Ray is also awaited by a team that abducts them and kills them both. But Ray wakes up as a half-human half-machine in a science lab. In his veins flows nano-robots instead of blood. Will make of him a super combat machine called - Bloodshot.


Dr. Emil Harting - starring Guy Pearce, a scientist who manipulates Bloodshot's memory, deletes and adds sequences that never existed. The Bloodshot murderous crusade must once come to an end. But until then, a bloody march is inevitable. Ray has a picture of dead Gina in his memory all the time, and his body is regenerating from every conceivable injury. The nanites in his veins make him the Terminator of the new age. Everything seems to be going according to plan, but the assistant of Dr. Harting takes action and decides to stop him. Bloodshot turns against its creator.


Bloodshot demolishes buildings more efficiently than the recent earthquake in Zagreb!


At first sight, one would say by this brief description that this is a modern version of Dr. Frankenstein? It was nice to be so, but this is not a digital Dr. Frankenstein. This is some Robocop that has become the Terminator thanks to nanotechnology. The fight scenes that Vin Diesel is known for, aided by dramatic CGI and sound effects, make this movie bearable to watch. Director David S.F.Wilson occasionally gets a little carried away, it is better to say that the film carries him away. So Bloodshot demolishes buildings more fiercely than the recent earthquake in Zagreb. On the other hand, no matter how non-inventive and clichéd the movie is, there are a few fun little things for the connoisseur's who know the actors who make this action movie. 


After a few opening scenes, Vin Diesel takes off his shirt. After that, it's in a tank top for the rest of the movie. It has been his trademark since the beginning of his career. I have an even better connection with Guy Pearce, whose career is clearly in a stagnant phase as soon as he plays an evil villain in an exploitative action. Memento is his best movie so far. In it, Guy Pearce plays Leonard Shelby, who, after trying to prevent the murder of his wife, loses his memory. Just like Bloodshot, who loses his memory of his wife Gina. Every day he wakes up with fragments of memory, which are not really his. But Memento was directed by Chris NolanBloodshot was directed by David S.F.Wilson. It's not the same, is it?


Isn't it ironic time to make a movie with a super scientist?


The Bloodshot comic strip was adapted by Jeff Wadlow. His movie Fantasy Island 2020 performed poorly at cinemas and was trashed by critics. As I have already written, the biggest problem is non-inventiveness. There's nothing new about this movie. A superhero who relentlessly crashes entire buildings of a huge city. Police throughout the movie - nowhere! The Evil scientist who succeeds in creating nanotechnology. Invulnerable soldier in the bio-lab. It costs billions of dollars, no one controls it. And today, when the coronavirus has conquered the world, not all the labs of the world can create a vaccine to protect humanity. 


Isn't it ironic time to make a movie with a super scientist? In addition to Guy Pearce, the movie stars Eiza Gonzalez from Baby Driver. She is a military diver - KT (nickname) who was killed and brought back to life by the needs of the evil Dr. Harting. She is also the person who binds to the unfortunate Bloodshot and tries to help him as much as he can. There is also two combat nano - soldiers of Dr. Harting in the game. Because Bloodshot must have decent opponents for the end of the movie? These are Jimmy Dalton - starring Sam Heughan, and Tibbs - starring Alex Hernandez. Both are resuscitated soldiers, controlled by Dr. Harting. And that's it. The rest had been a mass of CGI, pompous music from Steve Jablonsky, who worked music on Transformers.


The movie was produced by Columbia Pictures and is being distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing. It opened in cinemas in the mid of the coronavirus pandemic - March 13, 2020. That extinguished a little hope it was to be a potential action franchise. The $ 45 million budget won't be able to make it back, because his earnings so far are only $ 29 million. He still has a stream on the Starz network, which is where Sony Pictures films mostly end up.