'Traces': Can we ever escape the past?

Each person carries his traumas from the past that form us with him and faces them almost every day, and "Traces" indicate the way we can deal with them

After her father's death, the young scientist Ana struggles with an identity crisis, as the last member of a one large family, and the anthropological research she leads is intertwined with her sense of loss. The changes inside her are suddenly reflected in reality - loneliness, crisis, emigration - and her scientific research of mystical symbols and human traces left in stone mysteriously intertwines with her life until she regains her confidence, moves on and finally stops hiding the depigmentation on her body, traces of her traumas. Through a series of coincidences, the traces and symbols will also become her guide to the way out of her own trauma.



The director of the film, Dubravka Turić, started her film career as an editor, and later started writing scripts and directing. Traces is her feature directorial debut, while her short films Belladonna (2015) and Trešnje (2017) received international recognition at world film festivals.



In addition to the fact that the main heroine of the film Ana, played by Marija Škaričić, comes to know herself in a unique way, she is also engaged in a job that is very unusual, especially in a Croatian film. - anthropology. As unusual as it is, the main protagonist finds a link between the past carved in stone and her own.



In addition to Marija Škaričić, the other roles include Nikša Butijer, Mate Gulin, Lana Barić


In cinemas from 12.01.


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Photo by Kinorama