Train to Busan - Peninsula Confirmed Date!

The long-awaited sequel to Korean megahit Train to Busan

After making the world premiere at Cannes in 2016, the Korean zombie megahit rocked the box office world - earning $ 87 million versus $ 8.5 million invested - it was a matter of time before the sequel to the movie appeared. The sequel date is now officially confirmed - August 12, 2020.

Otherwise, the original is the first Korean film to exceed the magic figure of 10 million viewers in cinemas in Korea. It has to be said that, despite being a much- underrated sub-genre of horror zombie films, the movie has been renowned for its quality: Asian Film Awards 2017, Best Actor - Gong Yoo, Best Supporting Actor - Ma Dong-seok. There were more rewards afterward, but the most important thing in the whole story is that Train To Busan was one of the most-watched horror films of the year. You know what to do when a movie catches attention around the world. You record a sequel and fill your pockets with money. If it goes coincide that the sequel has been watched and noticed, the dreams of a franchise can slowly come true. At least in the horror world, there are lucrative franchises, so what wouldn't even make it to Korean zombies?


New horror franchise coming from Korea?


The first movie had a simple and effective plot. Seok - woo- starring Yoo Gong - is an ambitious workaholic who sends his daughter on a train to Busan. But train passengers are unaware that a zombie epidemic has erupted across the country. When the same thing happens on the train, the fight for bare life begins. The sequel to the movie is called Bando - Peninsula, so it's not hard to see that action is moving across the Korean Peninsula, what the race and the fight for bare life will say is moving from a cramped train to a much wider space. All zombie horror movies that have a bigger budget and a wider plot space outgrow the genre and can be classified as disaster movies. That means even more viewers and even more success at the box office. There is little chance that any of the actors in the first movie will return in a sequel. But there are Kang Dong Woon, Lee Jung Hyun, Joon Yi, Kwon Hae Hyo. These names don't mean too much to us, but since the movie's plot is set four years after the train zombie crisis, it's logical to expect there are no more survivors of the train to Busan. We are waiting for a movie with great CGI effects and massive scenes worthy of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters. And summer 2020 is no longer that far off. If you're planning on 2020, tour South Korea, bypass Seoul and Busan. Just in case.

©Credit: Pascal Le Segretain / Staff