How did Bono, Matt Damon and Sean Penn celebrate the success of the film about Sarajevo?

The film Kiss the Future directed by Nenad Čičin-Šain describes how the famous Sarajevo concert of the U2 group took place in 1997

What is it that can bring rock star Bono, Hollywood actors Matt Damon and Sean Penn and famous directors Wim Wenders and Jim Sheridan to the table? In Berlin this year, the answer is very simple - Sarajevo.



The aforementioned company gathered at the Lang Bar, named of course after Fritz Lang, of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel to celebrate the premiere of the documentary film Kiss The Future directed by Nenad Čičin-Šain. The documentary was based on the book Fools Rush In, in which the American producer, director, screenwriter, writer and humanitarian Bill Carter described how the famous U2 concert in Sarajevo took place in 1997. It was produced by Pearl Street Films, the production company of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, and Adam Clayton, the bassist of the U2 group, joined Bono at the premiere.



Informative and emotional


All of them, just like the larger society from Sarajevo that helped in the creation of the film, had something to be happy about. Although the story, at least in these parts, is quite well-known and has been researched many times, Čičin-Šain manages to present it in a thorough, informative and emotional way. With the use of a series of great archival footage, relevant interlocutors, where, in addition to the members of the U2 group, former US President Bill Clinton and respected journalist Christiane Amanpour also appear, the film never falls into the trap of repetition or excessive pathos.



Kiss the Future convincingly evokes the strength of the human spirit, but also reminds us of all the horrors that man is capable of. Especially when the wider community doesn't want to do anything to stop it. That is why it is not at all strange that it ends in the style of ZOO TV, an imaginary television program that U2 created for artistic purposes in the early nineties, with recordings of today's horrors - the war in Ukraine, fake news, military marches...



The success of Leon Lučev


Croatian actor Leon Lučev also appeared on the red carpet of the Berlin Film Festival. He has one of the important roles in the film Disco Boy by the Italian director Giacomo Abbruzzese, which is competing for the Golden Bear. The intertwined stories about a member of the Foreign Legion and a guerilla fighter in the Niger Delta were greeted rather lukewarm at Potsdamer Platz, but that's why Lučev received all the praise for his role.



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Photo by Sandra Weller, Berlinale