I See You - Mind Twisted Thriller

Helen Hunt in a twisted dark thriller!

'I see dead people.' Remember that famous 1999, sentence? Adam Randall is not M. Night Shyamalan, but they both have something in common. The first real movie work is a tangled twist of a movie. I See You play with your perception of what is happening on the movie screen all the time. Randall can hope that this movie does for him at least to a lesser extent what 6th Sense did for the career of legendary director Shyamalan. Of course, there is no need to compare the two films, but one thing is for sure, do not believe what you see with your own eyes.

The disappearance of a teenager is fueled by a creepy series of violent events in a sleepy small town.

A small sleepy town often has its dark secrets. The murder and kidnapping of two boys seem like a distant past when a new disappearance of a boy in a local forest occurs. The investigation is being led by Detective Greg Harper - starring Jon Tenney - who still remembers the case from 15 years ago. The investigation was led by his partner Spitzky - starring Gregory Alan Williams. But the case has never been resolved, so everyone fears history repeating itself. It is immediately clear that the man in jail for allegedly committing the crime may not be guilty anyway. An aggravating circumstance for the exemplary detective Harper is his broken marriage. Jackie's unfaithful wife - staring Helen Hunt - is struggling to save a family. Their son, teenager Connor - starring Judah Lewis - is firmly on his father's side. The atmosphere in the house is dark and tense. Suddenly, strange things start happening in the house. Someone or something is hiding in the dark corners? Dark, creepy secrets slowly surface. The fragile peace of the family is marred by creepy and violent events.

And you, dear spectators, get ready for the exciting rollercoaster of a dark and creepy action that baffles you, because nothing is as it seems at first glance. Some clues lead to the truth, some are there to fool you. That is the magic of mind twisted movies. The more skilled a director is in misleading the viewer and misleading him, the more effective the dismissal is. Of course, for the more experienced passionate thriller lovers, there is no plot and deceit that they are unable to figure it out. For most, this is a memorable movie with a twisted dark plot and a creepy atmosphere.

Don't believe everything that goes through the screen there are many surprises ahead.

Director Adam Randall very slowly and skillfully works through the layers of the story, which he use in flashbacks when needed. You are careful about the accuracy, so as much as you think you are being deceived, it is still not true. You are only told to believe what is currently in front of your eyes. The man who got it all messed up and at the same time then solved everything, is called Devon Graye. He wrote the screenplay, which is his debut. Believe it or not, what a start. Otherwise, we remember him as an actor from American Horror Story and Dexter. Since this is also director Randall's debut, we can only hope that they are still moving forward with a career because what they have shown is above average.
Aside from the two, director and screenwriter, I would point out Philipp Blaubach's great camera - Jason Bourne, Houdini, and Doyle. The public is most paying attention to famous Helen Hunt, however, she played a supporting role in the film. However small her role may be, Helen Hunt did her best. The biggest burden was on Jon Tenney, an experienced film and TV actor. He is one of those character actors that you have seen so many times without ever remembering the name at first.
The movie opens in the USA on December 6, 2019. The distribution was purchased by Saban Films. American Capital Investments firm based mainly on TV series for children and teenagers - Digimon, Power Rangers. Since the movie has just opened across the USA, it's hard to talk about its financial success. But whatever happens at the Box Office, one has to hope that the team that devised this mind-twisted thriller, they haven't done their best yet. I See You is an impressive start.