For the first time on Netflix, the lead male role is a Croatian actor

Sun, sea and a handsome islander; Goran Bogdan in Netflix's romantic comedy "Faraway"

Netflix has prepared a feature for Croatian viewers for this year's Women's Day.  On March 8, the German romantic comedy Faraway, in which the main male role is played by the Croatian actor Goran Bogdan, will start showing on Netflix.



A month before the premiere, Netflix released the first trailer for the film. It is a romantic story about Zeynep, a German woman who, disillusioned with her life, decides to find refuge on an idyllic Croatian island where her late mother left her a house. Arriving on the island, the house received a huge surprise - a handsome man lives in it.



From München to Šolta


Or as Netflix would announce in its PR for Faraway: Zeynep Altin is on edge. She is overworked and underappreciated by her husband, daughter, and aging father, and to top it all off, the funeral home has just buried her beloved deceased mother wearing the men's section instead of her favorite dress. It's the last straw for Zeynep, who runs away from München to a cottage on a Croatian island her mother secretly bought years ago, hoping to get some peace and quiet and find herself again. If only the former owner of the cottage, rugged islander Josip, still doesn't live in the same house...


From what can be seen from the trailer, Faraway is a relaxed romantic comedy whose humor is based on intriguing misunderstandings. The film, which was shot in Šolta, is full of beautiful shots of the Croatian landscape.



Experienced German director


The film was directed by the experienced German director Vanessa Jopp, the disappointed Zeynep is played by Naomi Krauss. The cast is rounded out by Adnan Maral, Bahar Balci, Artjom Gilz and Croatian actors: Goran Bogdan, Davor Tomić, [Mladen Vasary],  Ivica Zadro, Andrijana Gardun, Antonio Franić, and Gracija Filipović.


We need to recognize also a great skilled Croatian crew that once again hit the expectations of the producers (Olga film, Pakt Media) and the director.


Of course, romantic comedy is not a new genre for Goran Bogdan. He gained his first popularity in the hit „Sonja i bik“ directed by Vlatka Vorkapić, where he was excellent along with Judita Franković Brdar. After that, a great series of films and tv series followed, which made him one of our best and most internationally recognizable actors. He had a notable role in the third season of the hit television series Fargo and many more will come soon.

Faraway - Picture. Olga Films / Netflix