'Avatar: The Way of Water': The most anticipated film of the year is in cinema this December

The sequel to the most successful film of all time gets its sequel 13 years later with film creator and innovator James Cameron in the director's chair.

Ever since he decided to permanently transfer human consciousness into his Avatar body and become the new leader of the Na'vi people, Jake Sully lives with his family on Pandora. He and Neytiri started a family and had children. The colonizing forces returned to Pandora to complete the original quest for the rare mineral, forcing Jake and Neytiri to flee their home, exploring the previously unknown parts of Pandora where they would meet the Metkayine people, a clan of natives who live surrounded by the sea.



Director James Cameron as the creator of some of the biggest film hits


The director responsible for the Avatar franchise James Cameron does not need to be introduced, but just in case, it should be emphasized that every film he directed was a hit and created something new in the world of film that then it could not see on the big screen.


Each of the films directed by Cameron was innovative in its own way, for example the story itself such as Terminator (1984) and Alien 2 (1986), the filming technique and visual effects as in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) and Abyss ( 1989), or box office records like Titanic (1997) and Avatar (2009).


We can certainly expect an epic adventure in Avatar: The Path of Water worth watching in cinema halls, and in 3D format, as it was intended. Read the full article at KINO FILM.HR


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