The Award-Winning Film By Puriša Đorđević "Mouth full of Earth" Closed The 51st Fest

51. International Film Festival - FEST 2023

With the awarding of the traditional FEST awards and the premiere of the award-winning film "Milutin Čolić", Usta puna zemlje - Puriša Đorđević, the curtain fell on this year's 51st edition of the festival.


According to Politika's jury, the Milutin Čolić award went to the director of the best Serbian film at the 51st FEST and was awarded to Mladomir Purisa Đorđević for the film Mouth full of Earth, and the award was received on behalf of the family by director Radivoje Raša Andrić.


- On behalf of Puriša's daughter Lidija, I thank the jury for the award named after Milutin Čolić, Puriša's friend and neighbor from Đura Salaj. Puriša started as a journalist in Politics, but he was quickly hooked on film and that passion never left him. This film, based on the famous novel by Branimir Šćepanović, he wanted to make for a long time, he worked on it with a passion that was stronger than anything else. From all his 98 years, he worked at all costs, ready to compromise until his last breath and with great joy. From that perspective, this is only his film, this is his desire for life - said Raša Andrić, Puriša Đorđević's son-in-law.



The award for the best film of the Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean for the best Euro-Mediterranean film in the main program (FEDEORA) was awarded, unanimously, to the film The Damned Don't Cry directed by Fizal Boulifa.



The award for the best European film according to the audience's opinion went to Nina Ognjanović for the film Where the roads leads and the award was presented to her by the Ambassador and Head of the Delegation of the European Union in the Republic of Serbia, Emanuele Giaufret.



The international jury unanimously decided to award the Nebojša Đukelić award, for the best regional film in the competition program, to director Selcen Ergun, for her debut film Snow and the Bear. Thanking the jury for the award, Fest for the invitation, and the Serbian co-producer Miloš Ivanović and the Serbian sound crew for a good film, Selcen stated that she was dedicating the award to the Turk people who, after the earthquake that affected ten cities and displaced half a million people, needed encouragement.



The international jury of the main competition program of the 51st FEST, composed of directors Vinko Brešan and Laza Razanajatovo, and the president of the jury - producer Jelena Mitrović and actors Jovana Stojiljković and Petar Benčina gave special recognition to the film The Survival of Kindness directed by Rolf de Heer, who received his recognition in the MTS Hall.


- Thank you, Belgrade, for this honor. I dedicate the award to the young crew that created the film with me, said De Heer. The award for the best debut of the 51st FEST went to Majemi Hussein for her role in the film " The Survival of  Kindness ", which was accepted on her behalf by Rolf de Heer, who said:

- I spoke with Madjemi a few hours ago and she was so excited that she could hardly speak. This is her first film, and before that she had never even set foot in a cinema. She said she wanted me to thank everyone. I said to her, "You mean the festival?" she said, "No, to everyone." Well, thank you all - said Her.



The best female role was achieved by Aisha Tebe for her role in the film The Damned Don't Cry, the award will be presented later, and she thanked the festival for the recognition in a video message.



The best male role was won by Mohsen Tanabandeh for the role of Shakib in the film "World War III", and that award will also be presented at a later date.



The best screenplay of the 51st FEST was written by Isabel Pena and Rodrigo Sorogoyen for the film The Beasts, while the Belgrade Winner award for the best film and best director went to director Houman Sejedi for the World War III, who thanked both the festival and the jury with a video message. All three awards will be presented later.



The 51st FEST was closed by director Radivoje Raša Andrić, and the audience had the opportunity to see the premiere of Puriša Đorđević's latest film "Mouth full of Earth".



During the duration of the festival from February 24 until now, we saw more than a hundred films in six selections.


FEST this year also had an addition, a new segment called "FEST pro" intended for professionals, students and special admirers of the seventh art.



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Photo credits to CEBEF Belkisa Abdulović and Dušan Milenković