The Motovun Film Festival presents Cinehill: many films from now on in Gorski Kotar

The festival first starts in Motovun (July 22 to 24), and continues in Petrehovac, Gorski kotar (July 26 to 29)

"We invite everyone to Petehovac who wants to embark on a new adventure with us, to a film festival that includes a mountain trip, life in nature and discovering the beauty of the beautiful Gorski kotar. Those who have been following us for a long time know that our slogan is 'Welcome to the hill of films ". Starting this year, we're moving from the hill to the mountain, and that's why we named our new concept Cinehill" said festival director Igor Mirković.



The first part in Motovun will be marked by the celebration of a quarter of a century of unforgettable film gatherings with an invitation to everyone to come say goodbye to the festival as it was, because it will never be the same again. In addition to the already known location, another one with a wonderful view has been added. The festival infrastructure on Petehovac will be built in the open spaces of the mountain excursion site, but there will also be a closed and open cinema, a stage for concerts and a good catering offer.



"Our festival is an organizationally very challenging project, because we are on new ground, so we are building everything from scratch, but our work was greatly facilitated by the wonderful support of local people and the authorities. We will employ around 150 people at both locations - Motovun and Delnice, so this is also a reason for additional pride and joy," said producer Nina Petrović.



The festival selectors watched hundreds of films again this year. "For the first time, we are in a situation where we are practically choosing a program for two festivals, two locations, and potentially two audiences, and this is a challenge that makes us infinitely happy and forces us to be even more playful and creative in our efforts to bring you the best of the world's independent productions. Program is already practically finished and I am glad to say that it is excellent", said the selector of the main program Milena Zajović.



An important component of the festival in this edition will be short films at both locations, the winner of which, namely the best European film, will once again compete for the European Film Award this year.



"We envisioned Cinehill in Gorski kotar as a mixture of top-quality premiere film programs and getting to know the natural beauties of this region. That's why programs will take place all day at the new location, and screenings of the best films will not have to wait until the evening. Also, during the day, accompanying programs, meetings will take place with artists, workshops and walking tours that will introduce visitors to the natural beauty of this unique location. If Motovun is a location that prides itself on its informality, shorts and flip-flops, to fully experience Petehovac you should bring good shoes and something warm for the night," revealed Igor Mirkovic.



"We are glad that this festival will move its stage from the Istrian hills to the green heart of Croatia said Marina Medarić. Irena Peršić Živadinov added that Gorski Kotar has a lot of potential, but it needs attractions like this festival.



Pre-sale of the best set of tickets starts on June 20, while the entire program will be presented at the beginning of July.



HAVC Press Release

Presentation of the new concept of the Motovun Film Festival (Cinehill), photo by Nina Đurđević