Winners of Japanese Serbian Film Festival

JSFF CORE feature best film (SR) is Celts by Milica Tomović

The most comprehensive Japanese-Serbian Film Festival (JSFF) since its foundation, was opened on November 9 in the Cultural Center of Novi Sad from 6 pm with a dance performance by the Japanese choreographer and artist KINO, as well as a musical performance by Noa, co-founder of the festival and front lady of the Japanese band 101A.


From 9. to 15. November, as part of the "Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture 2022" project, the JSFF for the first time lasted for seven days, in Belgrade and Novi Sad, and showed around 70 long and short films on the theme of CULTFRONTATION in three categories: JSFF CORE, EAWB (East Asia-West Balkans) and INTERNATIONAL. In addition to many awards, the authors of the best films were awarded with Toyo Tires awards.


Winners of Japanese Serbian Film Festival are:

JSFF CORE feature best film (SR) is Celts by Milica Tomović.

JSFF CORE feature best film (JP) is Aristocrats by Yukiko Sode.

JSFF CORE short best film is 9-5 by Maša Šarović.

JSFF CORE short best film Japan is Aida by Christopher W. Graham.

JSFF CORE short best film Serbia is Adjusting by Dejan Petrović.

JSFF CORE short special mention is Lamblike by Jovan Dimoski.


EAST WEST GRAND PRIX goes to movie The Stafroom by Sonja Tarokić.

EAST WEST SILVERWARE goes to movie Yokosuka by Tsuyoshi Kigawa.

EAST ASIA best short is An Excessive day by Zhao Danyang.


WEST BALKAN best short is Everything ahead by Mate Ugrin.


EWAB solidarity award goes to movie Unknown Morning by Kang Ji-sook.


JSFF international best film is Blue Jean by Georgia Oakley.

JSFF international best short is LOOP by Pablo Polledri.

JSFF international debut award goes to movie Borders of love.


Congratulate to all winners!

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