The Social Distancing Festival gathers unseen art from all over the world

Art moves online during COVID-19

Nick Green is a Canadian playwright and one of the thousands of artists - if not more - whose plans for the future have been postponed indefinitely or canceled altogether because of COVID-19. As a response to the dramatic situation that affects his colleagues all over the world, he decided to start something called The Social Distancing Festival.

The online platform features both taped and live performances; in the Featured section, you can browse between visual arts, earlier taped theatre, opera, dance performances and those taped by artists specifically for the festival. There is also a live streaming section where you can find submitted information and links to live performances from around the world.

Currently, the festival is accepting submission from any artist whose art has not been able to see the light of day because of the current situation, including set or costume design sketches, sheet music or rehearsal tapes. The website has so far received 400 submissions.

According to The Social Distancing Festival website, the goal of the project was to provide a platform for the artworks that were deprived of their chance to be seen, but also to build a sense of community that can be felt from one's room and where artists can share support and comment on each other's works.

The platform also provides a list of the different arts organizations to which you send your donations.


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