The Invisible Man - Classic of HG Wells in a completely new unexpected outfit

Elizabeth Moss in her full actress glory

Since the publication of The Invisible Man novel by H.G. Wells' in 1897, it has intrigued readers first, followed by the development of cinema, he interested and the film lovers. 1930 A series of films based on this literary classic begins to be filmed. Universal Pictures has already launched 2006, a reboot project for this franchise. The lead role would belong to Johny Deep. But it wasn't until 2019 that the movie came to the realization. The movie opened in the USA, February 28, 2020. It is the fifth movie at cinema box office success in 2020, so far. Obviously, the audience was interested in a mix of horror and claustrophobic drama, shot in the vision of Leigh Whannell's Insidious - Chapter 3.


After Adrian commits suicide, Cecilie is relived, believing that her torment has finally come to an end...


Adrian Griffin- starring Oliver Jackson-Cohen- is a great scientist, but he is also the last man any woman would want to live with. He is a control freak that bullies his wife Cecilia- starring Elizabeth Moss- for years. After years of living with the violent ultra-rich man in the 'golden cage', Cecilia manages to escape. In her recovery, she is helped by her sister Emily Cass - starring Harriet Dyer and a friend, Officer James Lanier who are sure that long-term abuse has left a strong mark on her poor psyche. After Adrian commits suicide, everyone including Cecilie is relived, at least for a while. 


Cecile starts to feel the presence of something sinister in her new home. Because She has lived through terrible torment from the hand of Adrian, she can recognise her ex-torturer all around her. As psychological torment of invisible entity is getting stronger, and everyone around Cecilia thinks she is losing her mind, she has to find a way to counteract the invisible evil alone...


About 25% of women in the US are abused by their partners!


Family abuse is the main topic of this movie. Invisible torture is not a special novelty. What happens behind the four walls is sometimes known only by the torturer and the victim. According to some studies, as many as 25% of women in the United States have experienced some form of physical or psychological abuse by their partners. Violence knows no social boundaries. Sometimes respected members of the community, are the beasts within the safety of the four walls.


The story of a scientist who is the world's leading 'optics expert' is not ultimately what is particularly valid in this film. The story is minimalist and focused on a sense of claustrophobia and discomfort. Too many things in this movie we viewers have to take for granted. But that's why the film has the brilliant Elizabeth Moss in the lead. Moss is 95% of the movie.


Her range of emotions is almost incredible. It is not easy to convince us, who are watching the empty room and Cecillia writhe over in the agony of fear, that fear is justified. Moss is equally good at reliving emotions like fear, despair, and utter hopelessness. As well as a mad determination to fight until the last drop of blood. I believe that Elizabeth Moss would be able to convey emotions equally in the theatre if someone was to placed the play The Invisible Man as a theatre piece. She's that good.


The highest value of the movie is a brilliant Elizabeth Moss!


Cinematographer Stephan Duscio - Upgrade, Jungle, Judy & Punch - did his job very well. His framing successfully builds tension, especially with close-up framing Elizabeth Moss's face.


The production company behind this movie is Bloomhouse Production. They specialize in horror films. Get Out, Insidious, Sinister, Halloween are just some of their trademarks which tells you that the movie was conceived as high-tech horror. Good lead actress, the good production company, as well as cinematography... so what went wrong?


Director Leigh Whannell co-wrote the script with James Wan (a writer celebrated with the original script for Saw from 2004) Here they failed to fully put to paper a coherent explanation for what we see on screen...


The movie made up to $ 123 million before the coronavirus escalation. Obviously, the plans for the reboot were not too ambitious. There is already the spin-off Invisible Woman being considered by Universal, which is based on an original pitch by Elizabeth Banks who is set to direct and star in it. It will be an adaptation of the 1940 film of the same name. Let's just hope that this whole Universal monsters universe will get better as it goes.

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