The Irishman - Can Scorsese's mafia win an Oscar?

The biggest mafia saga after Godfather and Goodfellas

Goodfellas is the link to this epic mafia movie. Not only was it directed by Martin Scorsese, but it also starred Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. I should also mention that Scorsese Goodfellas has been shooting per Nicholas Pileggi's book - Wise Guy: Life in the Mafia Family. The Irishman was written per the book by Charles Brandt - I Heard You Paint Houses. The words that Jimmy Hoffa allegedly referred to Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran during their first telephone conversation. Apart from this, there are many similarities to the big mafia epics movies, all of which are mostly related to the team that worked on them. During this movie, Martin Scorsese finally collaborated with the legendary Al Pacino. The man alongside Robert De Niro and Francis Ford Copolla is synonymous with mafia films. the Irishman is Al Pacino's first film with Scorsese.

Big Al Pacino performs for the first time in a Scorsese movie!

 The backbone of the movie's action is the related flashbacks, which have caused a lot of headaches not only in editing but also in Industrial Light and Magic. They had to make Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, partly Al Pacino, look like they were 30. Then just as they were 60, and they were 75-80 years old. The wardrobe had to accurately fit the individual period, mostly in the 60s - 80s. The same goes for the soundtrack. That part is very well done, and one can rightly hope for a statue at the 92nd Academy Awards. But in every great movie, the most important is a story he wants to tell us.

When the truck driver and petty smuggler of beefsteak, Frank Sheeran - starring Robert De Niro - ends up in jail, he refuses to agree to release the names of the mafia-based meat customer. Skilled lawyer Bill Bufalino – starring Ray Romano - introduces him to his cousin Russel Bufalino - starring Joe Pesci. The most powerful boss of the Pennsylvania branch of the Mafia. The two become friends until death breaks them apart. Russ appoints Frank to be the bodyguard of the most powerful leader Union in US history - Jimmy Hoffa. Hoffa - starring Al Pacino - and Sheeran become more than friends. Hoffa only trusted Frank unconditionally. After Kennedy defeated Hoffa's favorite Nixon in the 1960 presidential election, the powerful union leader is losing ground. Robert Kennedy, the president's brother, now Attorney General, is waging holy war against Hoffa. The Mafia, to which Hoffa occasionally made great financial service, sees Kennedy as his favorite. The reason: Cuba and the return of American influence and ownership, and Mafia had a large stake in Havana casinos. Hoffa's heir Frank Fitz Fitzsimmons - starring Gary Gasaraba, lends the Mafia big money to build Vegas. But Hoffa wants his positions back and starts bothering the big Mafia bosses.

The film deals with Mafia's relationship with powerful Unions and the mystery of Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance.

This movie is trying to shed light on the big unsolved American mystery. The disappearance and likely murder of Jimmy Hoffa. No one was ever held responsible for this crime. Through the eyes of mobsters who' are involved in this story, we get answers to all the questions posed through the years after the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. But the question of all questions is, why didn't the US Department of Justice see what we see on film?

Scorsese has different problems now. Namely, at the newly awarded Golden Globes, the big favorite did not win any major awards. 1917 and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood picked up major awards. Admittedly, there is a recent precedent. In 2015, Spotlight did not celebrate at the Globes but did still win the Oscar. Criticism around the world is undoubtedly on the side of the great Scorsese and the epic team he has assembled for this film. That film has bad karma is shown by the following numbers. The first time Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese talk about the movie in 1980. That means even ten years before Goodfellas. And the movie is only starting to get ready in 2007. 17 years ago. Eventually, several big companies changed until Netflix decided to take the risk. There is talk of breaking the budget, even mentioning $ 200 million, versus an official confirmation of $ 159 million. And then it happens to them that after November 27, 2019, when it premiered on Netflix, spectators do not support it in sufficient numbers. After all the pomp, The Irishman finished second in the Netflix opener. In front of him is the mediocre Bird Box movie. The Irishman just slightly overtake by the disappointing El Camino: Breaking Bad Movie. Bad sign.

The production problems of 'The Irishman' movie have been going on for almost 30 years.

There are two scenarios regarding the 92nd Academy Award and the movie The Irishman. Contrary to expectations, he received an Academy Award for Best Picture and a few more statues. Another scenario is to get a pair of supporting Oscars - for adaptation and costume, or scenography. For now The Irishman, and the drama movie 1917 - Golden Globe award-winner, and The Joker, and Marriage Story, are major contenders for the Academy Award. Of course, Jojo Rabbit, Once Upon a Time In Hollywood is lurking on the side.

If The Irishman doesn't win an Oscar, he'll be remembered as the movie that brought Scorsese to Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci. These famous actors are each for herself an epic symbol for mafia sagas. This group is the All-Star for eternity.

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